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Welcome Modern

Welcome To Our Web Site!!

      Thanks for visiting our site! It is an honor to us to give you some tools and techniques in making decisions.At this page, as an introduction, we provided a site discription. We hope that you will enjoy as well as you will learn at this site. Again..... THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

Decision Making: Tools and Techniques


Do you dream about working smarter?

It's OK to dream - so long as you do something practical about it.

Being smarter starts with improving your decision making.

What is the highest paid management skill? Isn't it the ability to make good decisions?

While the small business manager does not have the resources for the elaborate research techniques used by executives of large corporations, he or she can adapt many of the BIG concepts to a "shoestring" budget. Especially, the ones for making decisions under uncertainty.

That's what this site is all about - working smarter by improving decision.

Much of our daily work involves making decisions--some big, some less critical. We often rely on strategies that seem to have worked for us in the past. But how do we really know when our decisions are effective? How do we determine which tools and processes will help us think, choose, and plan?

This site will help you make more effective decisions. You will learn to build criteria; develop problem statements or decision frames; recognize and select appropriate decision styles; and use interpersonal skills to gain support from others.


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